If you are offended, go fuck yourself


 Like everyone, I post those things to Facebook and my blog that interest me. Some of those interests are controversial to at least someone. But I’ve learned not to care too much. If you do, then you censor yourself for the most sensitive.

I’ve been involved in Chicago politics since 1995, and for that long I’ve been fighting for our rights as LGBT citizens. I helped, along with Greg Harris, Ellen Myers and Kelly Cassidy, to pass the first County domestic partnership registry way back in 1999, giving equal benefits for all LGBT County workers. I’ve also written about politics In the gay media for that long. 

Some people think I’m too hard on religion. The way I see it, the fight right now is against religious organizations, mostly Christian. They are our chief opponent in our struggle for equality. When Pat Robertson backs off, I’ll back off. And not until all my LGBT family have equal rights will I back down.

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