About John Smith


My name really is John Smith (really!) and I am a Chicago freelance writer. I’ve written about politics for 25 years and I have been a real Democrat all my life.  My work has appeared in Gab Magazine, The Chicago Free Press, Circuit Noize Magazine and even the Turlingua Times (it’s a funny story I’ll post someday)!

Included in my blog are a mix of old a new stuff. Hope you enjoy.

John Smith


8 thoughts on “About John Smith

  1. John, this is Gail Adams, The Marlboro Man’s little sister. We’ve been in Tucson visiting relatives, so I just now am getting through all of my email and Facebook posts. I wanted to let you know that your article about Richard is wonderful. You described him perfectly. And even though some of the information you presented is less than complimentary, it is absolutely true. And that’s what made Richard, Richard. What struck me most was the love that permeated every sentence of your article — the good and the bad. When you loved The Marlboro Man, the love was deep and unconditional. And your love was evident throughout. What a wonderful tribute to an amazing, loving, beautiful, and crazy human being. I miss him so…

  2. Hi John. Just came across your blog. Hey, I wrote two stories under the pseudonym Frank O’Sullivan back in the late 90s that I am trying to track down. One was called Cruising…the other one was about a visit to the Ram. I can’t remember what the story was called. I recently lost a bunch of my files and records. Do you have any idea how I could track down the originals? I see you had some things published in Gab.

  3. Cool. Thanks I appreciate it – I think — it would have been the Spring and/or Summer of 1998. The essays were called … Crusin and Rammin It or something like that. Is GAB out of business I guess?

  4. Am I a voice crying in the wilderness? (78 years old and GAY)

    Now everywhere I see talk of the PRIDE parade. Macy’s is having a PRIDE event. The LGBT face book posting ask: “Are you going to PRIDE” I replied: “I am going to the GAY parade.” Can’t we stop the hypocrisy? What self-loathing person or organization is trying to remove what we revolted for: The right to have sexual relations with our own gender without being thrown in jail. The word Gay means Homosexual. The word Pride does not. Pride is for everyone and Gay is a word describing a select few.


    I am a 78 year old GAY man who was at Stonewall during the Riots. I was not there to riot. We had to decide about going to The Campbell Funeral Home to mourn JUDY or go to the village to CRUISE. We wanted SEX so we went to The Village. (As Liz said: ” Mike is dead and I am alive.”) We watched the Police try to mishandle us GAYS for a while before continuing down Christopher Street to the trucks and the Piers. We really had SEX in those days. The riot was just another raid that we took as a normal part of trying to hook-up. We had no idea that it would start the revolution. Most straights thought of us as perverts, queers sodomites and all those other names you know that were used. We called the straights BREEDERS and knew they and the government wanted us behind bars. All us young (I was 31) GAYS wanted was to get laid! (So stone me) Of course, you know we progressed to our SEXUAL LIBERATION and they made us legal in 1971. The riots proved once again that “Power is not given, it is taken” Later ACT-UP was formed because debates were not helping the AIDS crisis and we marched with our fists in the air and shouted: “ACT UP-FIGHT BACK” Then we started to get financial support for dying loved ones. We sort of lost anyway, because now SEX was put on the back burner and the word GAY (Homosexual) was/is, in most cases replaced with the word PRIDE which does not mean SEX. (European countries laugh at how America has always been infantile about Human Sexuality.)

    ALL I AM SAYING IS GIVE GAY ( Sexual Liberation) A CHANCE.

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