Bernie is No John Lewis or a Democrat


Putin couldn’t have done it without Bernie

Bernie and his Brats are trying to do a hit and run. They wrecked the election and are now attempting to flee the scene.

History unlearned, or worse, re-written, repeats. That’s why I stand up for examining truth. The Russian government may have installed Donald Trump as President, but they couldn’t have done it without Bernie Sanders, the guy who once honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

For some reason, the Bernie or Bust crowd seems thrilled with Trump beating Clinton, almost as if beating Clinton was always their only goal. Maybe they think Rust Belt voters would have swooned for a leftist socialist atheist who never held a job outside of government, but I don’t.

Now, after doing more than anyone to beat up Clinton, Sanders wants a say in a party he still hasn’t joined. He wasn’t a Democrat before he inserted himself into the 2016 Democratic Primary (a hijacking attempt that DNC leaders should have nipped in the bud by telling him to either join the party or be disqualified) and he isn’t a Democrat now, even after the destruction he caused.

The major reason Bernie never became a Democrat while seeking to lead the Democratic Party is because he’s a narcissist who never voted for anyone until he voted for himself. It is ALL about him.

Despite casting himself as a Civil Rights hero, Bernie Sanders never voted for any of the civil rights heroes of the Civil Rights era. He didn’t vote for anyone until he was into his 30’s when he voted for himself. He didn’t vote for Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey or McGovern. He didn’t care if Goldwater or Nixon won.

His supporters treat him like John Lewis while tossing the actual John Lewis under Rosa Parks bus (for daring to back Hillary Clinton).

Bernie trained his supporters to blame Hillary for the 1994 Crime bill that Bernie actually voted for. He claims he only voted for the bill because of the Violence Against Women Act, but he voted for each component of the bill – and he used to brag about his tough on crime votes, until he decided to paint Hillary as racist because she supported her husband for signing the bill Bernie voted for.

Here’s Bernie bragging about his tough on crime bona fides that he has since deleted from his resume.


Here’s Bernie bragging about not giving a damn about voting in a 1987 article in the Gadfly, a University of Vermont student newspaper.


Apparently, Bernie Sanders only liked to talk about politics, not do anything meaningful to change things like organizing voter drives or all the various things real community leaders do, for example: voting. (GOOGLE Obama, Barack or Clinton, Hillary for examples of effective community organizers.)

Some may question the relevance of Bernie’s narcissistic voting habits, but I believe it perfectly explains Bernie’s careless disparagement of the Democratic Party that so graciously endured his constant jabs at its leaders and longtime supporters like myself who have voted in every damn election since I was legally allowed to (and never once been called a “shill” until this year).

Remember when Bernie cried “rigged” over the Superdelegates? His supporters sure do. They still claim the election was rigged. Who can blame them when their leader said so?

Bernie’s top campaign advisor Tad Devine actually invented the superdelegate system in the 1980s, but that didn’t stop his fanatics from blaming Debbie Wasserman Shultz. The Bernie Brats know more about the hierarchy of the DNC than they do their own state governments.

Once Bernie was mathematically eliminated from the nomination, he changed his mind about those evil SDs. He needed them. Hillary had 18 million votes and he only had 13 million. What to do?

So he then called on those same dastardly SDs to reverse the election and nominate him instead of Hillary at the convention. His supporters then began harassing delegates at their homes. (It’s hard to distinguish Bernie’s and Trump’s supporters sometimes).

Bernie stayed in the race too long and held out the false hope to his fans that Hillary would get indicted over emails. His wife Jane even begged the FBI to hurry it up! He refused to concede when any other candidate would have to avoid dividing the party, but he wasn’t a Democrat anyway, so dividing the party he never cared for wasn’t really his concern.

Then WikiLeaks and Russia decided to get involved, selectively leaking hacked emails from the DNC suggesting (GASP) that longtime Democratic Party leaders might prefer nominating an actual Democrat to lead their party. The Bernie kids ate up the Russia propaganda like it was free college.

Hoping to change the outcome, his delegates disrupted the nationally televised Democratic Convention, an event meant to showcase the party platform and nominee.

The 227 year old glass ceiling got shattered when for the first time a woman became the nominee of a major party, but Hillary and her supporters were denied that celebration.

Instead of celebrating this history, instead of celebrating the achievements of a woman who has been an inspiration to millions world-wide, Bernie’s boorish delegates booed and interrupted speakers at the convention, including John Lewis. Even Bernie supporter Sarah Silverman got booed and she told them on prime time TV that they were acting like babies. Bernie more than anyone brought us Donald Trump.

Despite everything, Hillary was up 7-12 points in some polls 11 days from the election. It took the FBI Director’s last minute letter to defeat Hillary, but she shouldn’t have been in that danger zone where 80,000 votes in 3 swing States decided the election.

The answer to Hillary’s question on why she wasn’t up by 50 points against Donald Trump is: Bernie Sanders.

WeakLeaks Strikes Again!

Can you IMAGINE what profanity laced emails they would have discovered if I worked for the DNC last Spring!

To: John Podesta
From: John-John

Hey Johnny P! Thanks for your risotto recipe! After reading how difficult it was, I ordered in.

Anyway, well it looks like Old Barnie Slanders won’t drop the fuck out of the race and the convention is coming up. Jesus, can’t he take a fucking hint? Does a house have to drop on him and Jane? Because I know a guy with a catapult.

Hey, if you know how to make a GOOD linguini and clam sauce, could you call Calo’s in Chicago? They don’t have a clue! Lol!

Later masturbator!

cc: huma, RicoSuave, HRC, DWS, Satan

Beware of Bernie


Are you among the undecided voters having trouble choosing between tax raising Socialist Bernie Sanders and Democratic centrist  Hillary Clinton? Then consider the following…

Remember the thrill of winning an election? Say goodbye to that and any hope of winning a Democratic Congress for the next decade if we try to pass that old Socialist Sanders off as a Democrat.

For those who think I write too harshly about Bernie, I got to tell you the encouragement I’m getting to continue is amazing. I’m proud to step up to the plate to stop this re-writing of history by Bernie Sanders and his secret stash of Republican elves.

I have been involved with Democratic politics my whole life and I’m not going to sit back and watch history repeat itself by nominating a sure loser in the general election. (See George McGovern, Hubert Humphrey, Ralph Nader and Al Gore.) Left of center candidates always fail in general elections, and when they do, they bring defeat to the whole ticket, state and local races too.


The Bernie Sanders phenomenon has scarily devolved into a faith based religion. He has become a demagogue turning his crowds of college kids against the “establishment” – which in his book is everybody. He can do no wrong, whether it’s dumping toxic waste on poor people, voting to fund every war he could or himself being a taker of Wall Street cash. It doesn’t matter. They now blame Hillary for a 1994 crime bill that their beloved Bernie voted for while Hillary was the First Lady. Try to understand this logic. Bernie voted for the bill. But it’s Hillary’s fault.

President Obama had to raise $1 Billion dollars to defeat Mitt Romney in 2012. Can you imagine what the Republican media machine will do to a tax craving Socialist who honeymooned in Communist Russia; who as Mayor renamed his small village “The People’s Republic of Burlington”, who’s town had its own “foreign policy” which included Bernie flying around playing footsies with South American leftist rebels and Fidel Castro, who he praised as having “transformed” Cuba – while political prisoners languished in jails. The TV ads would be merciless.

And that’s leaving out Bernie Sanders awful folk album and his B movie acting stint and his dirty short story writings. All these different elements, to my calculations, adds up to Bernie Sanders being a grandiose narcissist. His tendency to smear people as enemies of his revolution should frighten everyone paying attention.

His slimey innuendo and “artful smears” against Hillary and anyone endorsing her should get him nicknamed Bernie “Slanders” in my book. False accusations against people’s character can never be taken back. He’s trained his minions to yell “bought” at an honorable woman with a clear record of integrity.

All revolutions have to offer up a scapegoat. Someone to get a mob riled up against and blame everything bad on. Bernie picks his targets for ridicule wildly, but he concentrates on bankers. Do the Bernie kids know their future inheritances are most likely invested on Wall Street? If Bernie hurts the banking industry, he hurts a lot of middle class families who have their retirement savings tied up in IRAs and 401Ks.

Comrade Bernie also doesn’t like Capitalism, so look forward to a future with a lot fewer Apple products. Although, I must admit that the Bernie Sanders Free College program will solve the Elizabethan Poetry shortage.

Personally, I’m going to vote for the candidate who wants to build upon our successes, not tear them down for being insufficiently “perfect”. So I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I can’t wait until this is all over and Hillary can start repairing the damage Sanders and his helpmate Karl Rove have inflicted on her and begin focusing on defeating the Republican agenda. #ImWithHer