Losing My Faith in A Higher Pasta

 I’m in a quandary. I’ve been giving serious thought to switching my parody religion. Don’t get me wrong, my current fake set of beliefs have served me well these many years, and I’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of them…yet I find myself unfulfilled.

So, should I convert to Invisible Pink Unicornism or stick with the old Flying Spaghetti Monster?

You see, this has nothing to do with Pastafarianism. I really enjoy their rituals, (like “Talk Like Pirate Day”), but to me the FSM, (bless his noodley appendages) seems a bit too far-fetched – even for a religion. After all, how could a carb create life when we’ve come to realize how bad carbs are for life? Besides, if I wanted to ritualistically eat my God, I’d go back to Catholicism.

A good parody religion must be as implausible as the religion it lampoons and be equally impossible to disprove. With all of our advanced technology, I’m pretty sure a giant floating plate of pasta and meatballs would have been detected by now.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn has the advantage of seeming less far fetched to me than flying spaghetti. At least compared to talking snakes and Noah’s Ark. The IPU is impossible to disprove or even see because – duh – He’s invisible! And the reason we can’t detect Him is explained conveniently right there in His name! He is invisible – yet He is pink, or has a pinkness about Him. I like pink.

But just to be on the safe side – Ramen.

6 thoughts on “Losing My Faith in A Higher Pasta

  1. So happy to have discovered your site! Please follow me and come check out Sadie’s Gathering. We’re both long time fans of the Clintons, and believe in equal rights for all. I’m Christian, but please don’t hold that against me. Just something I don’t wanna, can’t shake. My definition is my definition and only has to serve me. I have friends and loved ones from atheist to devout. Posts that may be of interest, well too many to count, not to blow my own horn, but just think you’ll find a lot to enjoy.

    Looking forward to the fight as allies.
    Sus of Sadie’s Gathering -> http://www.sadiesgathering.com

    • Thanks Sadie! I love Everyone who believes in peace and loving your neighbor and the Golden Rule! I’m just against supernatural beliefs and divine revelations from people you’ve never met. 😆

      Thanks for the follow! I’ll try to be entertaining!

      • Just FYI, my name is Susan. If you swing over to Sadie’s Gathering you can put Hillary in the search bar, and it will bring up all of them I think. The most recent is “What I Don’t Get; What I Do”; then there’s Damn Exciting, and Yep, I For Hillary. If you’re gay, or have loved ones who are, “Ending The Gay Charade” a repost of Jessica Herthel great post. Then I have lots that express my though of You Cannot Insult Me and Expect My Vote, several on the view of not touting your religion as a status symbol; several funny things that make no sense to me, but are out there for men, The Galactic Cap, A Pedometer for the Penis, Nadkins, C Strings, Why 4 Hours? etc. As the title says, “Dab of this, Dash of That.” Hope you’re enjoying the snow. Take good care. Tweet to me about the debate/Town Hall on Thurs. 2/18- I’ll be enroute to FL. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Oh bully, the reason I started to comment on this post, what the blazes is that in your first photo? Now I think it’s spaghetti and meatballs, but at first I thought a kraken with a huge set. Either one, makes me laugh, have a good day.

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